Delta Fishing Holes

Anglers give their favorite fishing spots and waterways descriptive names which most often you will not find on Delta maps and charts. A certain spot on the Sacramento River where the high-tension electrical power lines cross over the river and become the predominant feature become “The Power Lines” as a fishing spot.

A good fishing spot near Isleton near where the gates are located to the city landfill area is simply called “The Dump Gate.” A place on the San Joaquin River where long ago there was a sounding board for the paddlewheeler captains to bounce the sounds of their steam whistles to help them be sure of their location on the waterway now becomes “The Sounding Board,” even though there has not been a sounding board located there in decades.

We have compiled this incomplete alphabetized list of fishing holes.


If you are looking for the location of The Dump Gate, for example, click on the letter D (for Dump Gate).

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Barges, The. If you leave the Stucco House and head west, in a few minutes you’ll be in the San Joaquin and at the barges. These are gravel barges that Dutra Dredging moors near Light 25. This is also a bait fishing area and I would suggest trying your luck on the upriver side of the barges in 10 to 13 feet of water. Jon Garcia

Big Cut. Is the waterway in the area between Ryer Island and Simmons Island (the mainland). Also see Little Cut and The Cut. Dale Gillespie


Clam Bed, The. It is located on the corner just after Daus Cliff Haus 1 mile from the Rio Vista Bridge on the east side of the Sacramento River. There is a little park (fee) that has a couple of picnic tables and offers access to the clam beds in the river. You may clam there, and catch stripers and sturgeon.Barbara Long

Century Plant, The. This is huge cactus plant about 20 ft. in circumference and 10 ft. tall (it also can have a huge flower), on the riverbank about 2 miles above the Isleton Bridge. Good fishing for stripers and sturgeon is nearby, especially in the fall. Barbara Long


Dairy, The.   From Threemile Slough at the Sacramento River. Heading north toward Rio Vista. The Dairy is an area located near Light 26. From just north of this light to just south of it you can drift live minnows, troll with your favorite worm-tailed broken-back Rebel or drop the hook and bait fish. When fishermen refer to the Dairy they’re usually talking about the east or red light side of the channel. Jon Garcia

Daus Cliff Haus. Is 1 mile above the Rio Vista Bridge on Highway 160 going north on the east side of the Sacramento River. You can anchor your boat over the clam bed here and catch stripers and sturgeon. Be careful that the tide does not go out and leave you stranded until the next high tide. Barbara Long

Decker Island. Is located on the east side of the Sacramento River just downstream of Threemile Slough.

Dump Gate, The. It is across the river from Vieira’s Resort. To get there by car, you must go through Isleton on Highway 160, cross over the Isleton Bridge and turn left, you are there when you get to the end of the road and must cross over the island to get to Steamboat Slough. Great fishing for stripers and sturgeon. Barbara Long



Firing Line, The. Is located on Montezuma Slough 

Fleet, The. 
(See “Mothball Fleet.”)


Grain Elevator, The. Is located in Miner Slough 2 miles south of Arrowhead Harbor. From the confluence of the Deepwater Channel at Light 50 go north in Miner Slough 3 miles. Heidi Fonss


Horseshoe Bend. Is located at Decker Island on the Sacramento River. This waterways is located on the “inside of Decker Island” on the east bank of the river and actually is the original route of the river before the channel was dug. Sometimes it is referred to as the “Old River.” Generally, fishing is less favorable here than it is on the channel side of Decker, but anglers find refuge here when the westerly winds make it uncomfortable out in the channel. Jon Garcia





Little Cut. Is the area behind Freeman Island and Snail Island, beginning about at the “Duck Club,” which is on the tip of Dutton Island. Dale Gillespie

Little Honker Bay is up Montezuma Slough, before Collinsville and on most maps. You need to fish on the West side and in the cut in about 18′ of water. Incoming tides seem to be the best. Les Tjaden

Lost Slough is one serious place to catch Bass all during the year, and when the Stripers are running you can find a few lurking around there.  We call it “The Kitchen” because you can go in there and come out of there with a nice limit of Bass, Catfish, Blue Gill, and Stripers. There are two legs to travel down, one is on the left as you come out of the Meadows and the other to the Right that leads you down to Highway 5.  A lot of Boats tie up in that area on weekends and there are a few Houseboats that are lodged there throughout the year. There is only one time of the year that you really have to be careful and that is in the Summer (End of June and most of July) when the Moss Pads grow thick. You can use the Plastic Frogs for some serious Top Water action but it can get rough trying to navigate through the muck. Other than that it is really one of the better places to fish on the Delta.   Justin Silva


Mothball Fleet.  (Also referred to as “The Fleet.”) Is a reserve fleet of former military and maritime vessels stored at anchor in Suisun Bay, upstream of the Martinez Bridge on west side of the Bay. Most consider The Fleet area to be from the bridge to roughly Roe and Ryer islands. Anglers anchor nearby to fish for sturgeon and striped bass. Use caution, do not fish close to the ships, anchor solidly with plenty of rode, and definitely do not anchor in a position where you can drift in between the ships.



Old River, The. Generally, the section of the Sacramento River from where the lower end of Steamboat Slough feeds into the Sacramento upstream to where Steamboat Slough forks off the river is referred to as The Old River — not to be confused with Old River itself, which forks off the upper San Joaquin River near Lathrop. In this section The Old River passes by Locke, Walnut Grove, Ryde, and Isleton. 


Patio, The. From The Peacock, continue up the San Joaquin River, to Light 35 green on Santa Clara Shoal. Look to the northeast and you will see a single tree on the levee of Twitchell Island. You are now at The Patio. Bait fish the Twitchell Island side of the San Joaquin and anywhere between this tree and Light 35. Trollers also do very well close to the Twitchell Island shore. Jon Garcia

Peacock. Going to Peacock from The Barges, we head north or up river on the San Joaquin near Light 30. As soon as you pass the entrance to Threemile Slough, at Light 29, look off your starboard bow for the first set of tule berms. These are just off the north end of Bradford Island. Troll very close to the riverside of these tules with broken-back Rebels for stripers. When you get to the end of the tules turn around and do it again. Jon Garcia

Power Lines, The. Are located on the Sacramento River at the downstream end of Decker Island. Two sets of electrical high-voltage, overhead lines cross the river on Sherman Island near Light 14 and Light 16. Generally speaking anywhere under or near these power lines and from one side of the river to the other is a great place to drop the hook and soak some bait. Many decent-size stripers come out of here as well as some lunker sturgeon. Jon Garcia


Quarry, The. (Also called The Sand Pile) is located on Decker Island. About halfway between the north end of Decker Island and Light 18 on the Sacramento River, you will see an active sand quarry on Decker Island. There is a small run-down landing on the beach here and straight out from this point you will notice the water go from 25 feet deep up to approximately 15 feet and then drop again to 25-plus feet in the channel. This first section from the old landing to the 15-foot depth is known as the Quarry to most fishermen. Jon Garcia



Sand Pile, The. (See “Decker Island” and see “The Quarry.”)

Sounding Board, The. Is located on the Stockton Deepwater Channel

Stucco House, The. Is located on False River about half way between Fisherman’s Cut and the San Joaquin River and on the south end of Bradford Island.  It’s easy to spot as it’s the only house in this area. Jon Garcia


Tennessee’s Spot. A spot across the Sacramento River from Isleton. From the main part of town, you go north, cross over the Isleton Bridge, turn left  and drive down river until you see a rusty-red colored smoke stack sitting on the levee near the launching ramp across the river. You can drive down on the bank of the river or under trees if you are lucky to find some shade — that’s T’s spot. Drop a line in and get either stripers or sturgeon. Barbara Long

The Cut. Refers to Suisun Cut, which is the area between Ryer and Roe Islands and their shoals. Suisun Cut runs between Suisun Slough and Montezuma Slough. It can be found on the charts.

Three Trees. This site is just past Duck Island RV Park on Highway 160 south of the Rio Vista Bridge, on the east side of the Sacramento River. When you are on the water, if you line up between what looks like 3 trees and the launch ramp on the Rio Vista side in about 12 feet of water you can get a sturgeon.Barbara Long

Turning Basin, The. Is located at the Stockton Deepwater Channel at the Port of Stockton. This is a wide area a couple hundred yards downstream of the I-5 overpass and is the area in which tugboats help nudge freighters into and out of their slips and turn them around for exit.




Windmill, The. It is above the Isleton Bridge at the Lopes Ranch, on the West side of the Sacramento River. Its a red tile roof and has a windmill in front with a dock in front. Good for stripers and sturgeon. Barbara Long

Wine Slip, The. Is located at the Port of Stockton




Pier Fishing

  • Antioch/Oakley Bridge Fishing Pier – From Highway 160 in Oakley/Antioch, exit at Wilbur Avenue (the last exit before the bridge). Turn right on Wilbur, then immediately left on Bridgehead Road. The park is at the north end of Bridgehead Road.
  • Antioch Downtown (Compy’s) Fishing Pier — The pier is located at the foot of H Street in downtown Antioch. From Highway 4, go north on G. Street; follow it to Second Street where you will turn left; follow Second Street about a block to the above-mentioned parking.
  • Antioch Marina Fishing Pier — The Antioch Marina Fishing Pier is one mile north of the intersection of Hwy. 4 and Somersville Road in downtown Antioch. Highway 4 runs east and west and provides the primary main access to and from the pier. Off-ramps at Somersville, “L” Street, and “A” Street all provide access to the Pier via Fourth and Second Streets and are clearly signed with directions to the Antioch Marina, where the pier is located.
  • Jersey Island Ironhouse Sanitation Dist. Fishing Access — From Hwy 4 in Oakley, turn east at signal light onto Cypress Road and follow it for 2 miles, then turn left onto Jersey Island Road. Bear left where Dutch Slough Road comes in from the right and pass over the Jersey Island Bridge onto the island and proceed about a mile. Turn right onto Ferry Road and follow it for 3-½ miles to the parking/sign-in area.
  • Pittsburg Riverview Park — From Highway 4 take the Railroad Ave. exit north toward the center of Pittsburg. When Railroad ends, turn left on Third St. and follow it to Marina Blvd. Turn left and follow Marina Blvd. to Bay Side Drive. Then turn right on Bay Side and proceed to Riverview Park Dr.; turn left on Riverside to the parking lot.
  • Collinsville Fishing Pier — From Hwy 12 west of Rio Vista, take Birds Landing Road to Birds Landing, then left on Collinsville Road for a short distance, then right onto Fire Truck Road to the park and pier on Montezuma Slough.
  • Belden’s Landing Pier and Park — From Hwy 12 just east of Fairfield/Suisun City, take Grizzly Island Road south as it wends its way to the Montezuma Slough Bridge.
  • Grizzly Island/Montezuma Slough Bridge and Fishing Pier & Fishing Access — From Hwy 12 just east of Fairfield/Suisun City, take Grizzly Island Road south as it wends its way to the Montezuma Slough Bridge and onto Grizzly Island.
  • Grizzly Island/Montezuma Slough Fishing Access & Fishing Piers (Three Piers) – From Hwy 12 just east of Fairfield/Suisun City, take Grizzly Island Road south as it wends its way to the Montezuma Slough Bridge. Continue on the road until you reach lot 6 and the three fishing piers, 9.7 miles from the bridge.
  • Suisun City Fishing Pier & Boat Launch — Located on Kellogg Street in Old Town Suisun City downstream of the city marina
  • Brannan Island State Recreation Area   — The park is on Highway 160 a few miles south of the city of Rio Vista in Sacramento County on the east side of the Sacramento River. The park is located on the lower peninsular extension of Brannan Island, and is surrounded by the Sacramento River on the west, Threemile Slough on the southeast, and Sevenmile Slough on the northeast. From Hwy 12, turn south onto Highway 160.
  • Cliff House Fishing Access – The Cliff House Fishing Access is located on a small turn-off from Hwy 160, just north of now-closed Das Cliff Haus Restaurant
  • Dagmar’s Landing Fishing Pier – Walnut Grove — From Interstate 5 near the town of Thornton, turn west onto Thornton-Walnut Grove Road and follow it for a few miles to “downtown” Walnut Grove and its bascule-type drawbridge. Turn west (left) onto the bridge and the marina is just to the left immediately after you cross the bridge.
  • Delta Meadows Park   — You can drive into Railroad Slough from the River Road between Walnut Grove and Locke. Turn east on the north side of the Delta Cross Channel. Then after a short distance turn left (north) onto a small gravel road — there is a sign indicating the park.
  • Georgiana Slough Park Fishing Access — From Walnut Grove, cross the Georgiana Slough Bridge, turn left on Andrus Island Road, travel three miles. There is no sign to alert you the park is there, but it is just to your left next to the slough. Portable toilet, picnicking, fishing, small boat access. No fee.
  • Hogback Park on Steamboat Slough — Take Interstate 5 to Twin Cities Road. Head west on Twin Cities, then left on River Road. In Walnut Grove, cross the bridge and turn left on Highway 160. In the town of Ryde, go west on Highway 220, then turn left on Grand Island Road. The access is then found after a short drive along the levee.
  • Isleton Fishing Dock — This is located in downtown Isleton on Highway 160. No use fees have been established yet. Bob’s Bait Shop is located across the street with bait, tackle and supplies.
  • Rio Vista Riverbank Fishing Access & Pier — Heading west on Highway 12, turn right immediately after crossing the bridge, looping around and following the sign to Rio Vista passing under the bridge; then immediately turn left into the park. The park’s parking lot snuggles up against the bridge on the bridge’s downstream side.
  • Sandy Beach Park – Rio Vista — Sandy Beach Park is located on the Sacramento River near the town of Rio Vista. Open year round, the park offers a 24-hour boat-launching ramp, camp sites, picnic grounds, a hiking trail, miles of country roads for bicycling and a sandy beach stretching for over half a mile.
  • Sherman Island Public Access Facility — From Interstate 5, turn west onto Hwy 12. Near Rio Vista at signal light, turn south onto Hwy 160. Shortly after crossing over the Threemile Slough Bridge, take an easy right onto Sherman Island Road. Continue south on Sherman Island Road until it enters the park. From the Antioch Bridge on Hwy 160, take a left onto Sherman Island Rd. and follow it to the park entrance.
  • Clarksburg Fishing Access — Proceed south on the River Road (Hwy 160) from Clarksburg for a few miles
  • Discovery Park — The park is located beside I-5 in downtown Sacramento. From I-5 take the Richards Blvd. off-ramp then go west to get to the South entrance of the park, or follow the Garden Highway exit east from I-5 to find the North entrance. Signs denote the park’s location from I-5.
  • Garcia Bend Park & Fishing Access — From I-5 take the Pocket, Meadowview, 160 exit. Go West about 1.7 miles on Pocket Road and turn left into the park. The boat ramp is located at the very end of the park traveling over the levee.
  • Miller Park — 2710 Ramp Way, Sacramento – 56.99 developed acres. Picnic Areas, River Access, Boat Trailer Parking, Boat Ramp, Dock.
  • Buckley Cove Park — In north-central Stockton, turn west off Interstate 5 onto March Lane (which becomes Buckley Cove Way) and follow it to the end at the park gates.
  • Louis Park (Dad’s Point) Stockton — The park is located at 3303 Monte Diablo Blvd. In Stockton from Interstate 5, take the Monte Diablo Blvd. exit west for a few miles to the park.
  • Dos Reis Regional Park — The park is located at 890 W. Dos Reis Rd. in Lathrop. From Interstate 5, take the Dos Reis Rd. exit west to the end of the road at the park.
  • Mossdale Crossing Regional Park — Located at 19091 S. Manthey Rd., Lathrop, in the shadow of Interstate 5.
  • Westgate Landing Fishing Pier – Get to the park by turning north off Hwy 12 onto Glasscock Road at Terminous, then proceeding about one mile. Bait and supplies are available at Terminous Market at Hwy 12 and Glasscock
  • White Slough Wildlife Area — From Hwy 12 just east of I-5, turn south onto South Thornton Rd., after one mile, turn west under the Interstate onto I-5 Frontage Rd., go under the freeway, then north along the frontage road nearly to its deadend, then bear left onto the unpaved road leading into the parking lot. The entry gate is at the northern-most pond, and the others string out to the south. People have used the gravel road near the pond gate to dump trash and it is not a pleasant sight. The grounds around the ponds seem reasonably well cared for.


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