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The California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau is an organization of chambers of commerce, visitors bureaus, businesses and boosters in the Sacramento- San Joaquin River Delta. The California Delta area strives to enhance the enjoyment for visitors to this unique 1,000-mile waterway, while striving to protect and preserve the area’s fragile beauty.


Taste of the Delta 2014

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Our organization was established more than a quarter-century ago. Many of us first came here on holiday or vacation, fell in love with this boating and fishing paradise, and later established our roots here. Some of us first experienced this profuse waterways on a rental houseboat, or on a fishing charter for sturgeon or striped bass; others of us rolled in on RVs and liked the area’s hospitality.

Many historic river towns are little changed from the Gold Rush era when paddlewheel steamboats came piping their arrival with the steam-driven calliope. Drawbridges yawn open to let boating traffic pass, you cross some waterways on lumbering cable-drawn car ferries, the postman delivers mail by boat.

For all its rural charm, the California Delta caters to visitors’ needs. It boasts over 100 marinas and waterside resorts, full-hookup RV parks and campgrounds. There are quaint waterside restaurants for dining, grocery stores for provisions, bait and tackle shops, and over 50 boat launching facilities. Public parks and bank-fishing sites are numerous.

A Place Called Home


Take a few minutes to sit back and listen to the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a place called home by a half million people, and yet it remains a mystery to so many.  Follow this link to hear the audio report from Amy Quinton with Capital Public Radio as she unfolds the character and beauty that is our very own California Delta!


Before I set out to do this story, I’d only been to the Delta a few times. And when I had, it was just a scenic drive from Sacramento down Highway 160, which parallels the Sacramento River. Turns out, that’s not the ideal way to get to know the Delta.

Giusti’s is a restaurant you won’t find if you drive down 160. It’s cleverly tucked away on the northfork of the Mokelumne River in Walnut Grove, which is like Mayberry if you’ve never been. Giusti’s has been here since 1910.

“This is the oldest continuous family run business within about 150 miles and we have the oldest liquor license in Sacramento County,” says Mark Morais, 3rd generation owner. “It’s kind of a destination point if you’re coming to the Delta.”  Read More…