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Last updated: July 23, 2014 at 10:06 am

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Isleton Areaby Can Nguyen — Bob’s Bait Shops
Bob’s Bait Report

July 23, 2014 –It was very good weather last week but the heat wave will arrive the Delta area this weekend with triple digit degrees on this Friday. It will be then stay above 90 degree for the rest of next week. The summer time in the Delta region this year is very much busy with very crowded water skiing, jet skiing, boating, sailing, swimming, camping, and fishing. During the weekend, water skiing is all over places from Rio Vista to Walnut Grove in the Old Sacramento River, or from highway 12 bridge at B&W resort to the split of Mokelumne Rivers.

Fishing for sturgeon was still slower during this time in most parts of the Delta even at the Moth Ball Fleet. There were only under size sturgeons reported last month till now on grass shrimp, shad, sardine, or pile worm. Fishing for salmon season has been started from last week but so far there was no report any salmon caught yet. This year, salmon showed up late in Bodega Bay and the Fort Braggs. It could be the reason the salmon hasn’t been in the Delta channels yet. But salmon could move into the Delta area in the coming weeks. Normally salmon fishing is best during September to October. Even though August is just a starting month when salmon will show up more in the Delta reason, but there are many boat anglers who are trying to fish for sturgeon from the beginning of the opening day through the rest of the season. Actually many anglers who like to fish for salmon than any other fish in the Delta since salmon is very good fighting fish and salmon meat is best. In the Delta region, the popular lure to fish for salmon is the spinning lures including Mepps Flying C, Blue Fox, Delta River lure, and Silvertron spinning lures. The most popular colors are chartreuse/silver blades or red/silver blades. Sinker from 1 oz to 3 oz can be used depending on the water’s depth. The boat speed should be less than 2 MPH (GPS speed). Fishing for striped bass is fair in most parts of the Delta. The popular baits to fish for striped bass this time is sardine, anchovy, shad, or live minnow. Isleton public fishing pier is the best place to fish for salmon, striped bass, largemouth, small mouth bass, catfish, and blue gill. Isleton public fishing pier is also has the public boat dock where fishermen can tie their boat to have lunch, dinner, shopping some needed items and baits. Fishing for largemouth, small mouth, and blue gill were very good from last couple moths and could continue good until the weather cools off.

Good luck to you and have a nice coming weekend.

CanEmail & Website

Antioch-Oakley Areaby Chris LauritzenLauritzen Yacht Harbor
July 21, 2014 –I’m sorry for not having a current posting or fishing report I just have too many distractions in my life these days and fishing has been very poor.To be honest the winds in the west delta have been pretty blustery since about the middle of June so that has kept a lot of folks off the water in the west delta.Up until now July 17th the salmon bite at Bodega Bay has been pretty boring which is an under statement. To give you an idea I did not tow my boat to Bodega Bay until the July 4th weekend and have been out on it twice both times a skunk for salmon fishing.In looking at the postings from Lawson’s Landing it looks like the salmon have finally arrived at Bodega Bay as of Tuesday night July 16th. Most of the pictures that were posted were showing toads all in the 25 plus pound range. There were pictures of some pretty decent halibut being caught on the bar at Lawson’s as well.Let’s hope we have a good month or two of fishing out of Bodega Bay for salmon and or halibut.

On the West Delta fishing front don’t forget that Inland Salmon Season has now opened up starting Wednesday July 16, 2014 going through December 11th. The west delta is considered part of the Lower Sacramento River Zone.

It should be noted that you can not catch and or keep any salmon caught on the San Joaquin River above the Antioch Bridge. Catching a salmon below the (west) of the Antioch Bridge has always been that grey zone as it relates to catching or keeping salmon.

From all of the game wardens I have spoken with Sherman Lake is considered part of the Sacramento River system and so you are good to go in catching a salmon in that body of water.

Good inland salmon fishing does not usually begin until the middle of September

or early October in most cases. Since we are in a drought and there is no water coming down the upper Sacramento River system do the salmon sense that and will they wait until our first rains fall in October we hope before they head up the Sacramento River?

I usually hear reports of salmon being caught off the public pier in Benicia when the fall salmon run begins so stay tuned.

Paul Wong and Larry Jones have been our most faithful striper fishermen the past two months when the west delta winds have not been blowing. Both Larry and Paul know the waters pretty well so if there is a weather window I will usually see one of them or the other out fishing.

Both Larry and Paul prefer live blue gill for bait. Even with the wind Paul took a chance today (Thursday) and ending up landing an 8 – 10 – lb fresh run striper this morning.

As is always the case Paul took off at first light and returned at 12:30 pm. Paul said that once the tide changed and he had an out going current he started catching stripers in Sherman Lake.  Paul still had to manage a white capped water on his return trip to the harbor.

Down memory lane, I’m happy to report that I knew my grandfather for the first twenty two years of my life.

One of the many stories that gramps always talked about were the gillnet fishermen that put their nets in Suisun Bay and the lower Sacramento for the fall salmon fishing run prior to 1958 when they closed the Sacramento River down to commercial salmon fishing.

Gramps would say that he had great difficulty navigating the channel when towing a barge with one of his boats for all of the nets that were out during the run and the boats that tended the nets.

Just like in Alaska in the early years the boats that tended those nets were sailing boat much like the sailing boat on display in Pittsburg on the north end of Railroad Avenue.

I had an invitation by Murray Buys of Antioch to take a trip on his gill net fishing boat in Naknek Alaska which I did for nine days this past June.

For me the trip was the trip of a life time not only to be out in Bristol Bay fishing with 1,800 of your new best buddies but to see and imagine what is what like one hundred years ago in Suisun Bay and the Sacramento River when the fishermen from Pittsburg, Martinez and Collinsville were fishing for salmon in the bay and the river.

Today the new and improved Bristol Bay boats can hold up to 20,000 – lb of sockeye salmon before they need to discharge to the tender.

I’m just guessing but I would bet that the guys one hundred years ago would be happy if they caught 500 – 1,000 – lbs of fish in a day, those sailing boats where not too big in either Pittsburg or Alaska.

Murray fishes for Peter Pan Sea Foods when he has a hold full of fish he goes alongside one of the tenders so he does not have to travel from the fishing grounds. Off loads his fish anchors out for a few hours of sleep and then on the next incoming current puts out his 1,200 of gill net and hopes a lot of sockeye land in his net.

Some of the tenders that are working for the canneries have familiar names if you watch the “Deadliest Catch” on TV at all.

When the tenders are full of fish they head off to one of the many canneries in the area. There is always an extra tender there so accept your fish, give you some fresh water and top you off with fuel.

At Naknek I spend two nights in the company bunk house until it was time to fish and I got to eat at the company mess hall as well.

I got to sit and eat where Joe Papetti, Vince DeLuca, Russell DiMercurio, and Bob Bass all of Antioch or Pittsburg ate, slept, and fished in Bristol Bay some eighty years ago. I salute all of you for your great stories and hard work when you were in Alaska. See you on the Delta Chris

Hot off the press, there was a 33 – lb striper caught on the San Joaquin River by Jeff Yuen. They were sure exactly where they were but I am sure they were plugging at the time. I did not see the fish but it appears to be about 38 –inches long.

“Delta” Chris LauritzenLauritzen’s Yacht HarborWebsite

jay-sorensen2Let’s Go Fishingby Jay SorensenRiver News-Herald & Isleton Journal Columnist
April 23 2014,DELTALarger schools of striped bass are now moving into the Delta waterways to begin propagating the species and most can be found on the upper reaches of the Sacramento River between Colusa and the mouth of the Feather River. There, trollers are covering a lot of ground, with fish averaging from five to 13 pounds along with some larger females in the take that should be released to perpetuate the species.Trollers drag shallow or deep diving Yo-Zuri’s, Rapala’s, P-Line Predator’s and Rebel’s with a white worm trailer attached to the trailing hook. To increase your chance of hooking up, use your graph to locate fish and use your lure that tracks in the zone the fish are located. Locally, the best chance for bait dunking or trolling is in the San Joaquin River where the water clarity is much better. Some larger stripers are showing in the Mokelumne River and off the mouth of Potato Slough, with some in excess of 30 pounds. For some fast action, anglers are casting lures such as Rat-L-Traps and assorted rip baits daily until the sun dips below the horizon. Toss the lures in the clearest waters along the rip-rap and tule berms in the area where the stripers are feeding on bait fish, such as threadfin shad and golden shiners.On the Sacramento River near Rio Vista, the waters are running murkier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hook-up with a striped bass. The fish are there, but due to the water clarity, the action has been much slower. Sturgeon are still in the system from Buoy 2 near Martinez, San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay and upstream into Cache Slough where mud shrimp, ghost shrimp, salmon roe and eel has been the best fodder.The striped bass fishing should be fair to good through the second week of June. Stay tuned for periodic updates as we move through the season.Largemouth bass fishers are experiencing some fantastic days tossing crank baits, reaction baits, jigs and drop-shooting plastics and wacky-rigging Senko’s for five-fish limits weighing 25 pounds or better especially on the San Joaquin River side of the Delta where the water clarity is much better.SAN FRANCISCO BAYSome very good halibut fishing taking place off the Alameda Rockwall and Berkeley Flats for trollers and off the drift for halibut and leopard shark using midshipman or squid for bait.  Striped bass have been scarce.OCEANThe current salmon fishing is best in Monterey Bay with some action at Bodega Bay. Charter boats continue to locate loads of krill and baitfish outside 40 fathoms below the Farallon Islands, but not finding salmon feeding in the area. Monterey salmon are feeding in being hooked in deeper water next to the canyon mostly using the mooching method of fishing. The Chinook salmon are averaging about 8 pounds, up to an occasional fish weighing 20 pounds with two-fish limits the rule for most in the know.Take time to go out and enjoy the great outdoors.  Until next tide, stay safe and have an enjoyable fishing experience.JAPAN TO CONTINUE WHALE HUNTINGTokyo, Japan – Hundreds of prowhaling Japenese officials, lawmakers and lobby group members vowed to continue whale hunts despite a world wide court ruling that ordered the country halt its Antartic whaling program.Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi told the meeting that Japan must protect its whale-eating culture and secure sources of whale meat.  Japan as a maritime nation has a policy harvesting and sustainably using the protein source from the ocean, and that is unshakable.The International Court of Justice ordered Japan on March 13 to stop granting permits for its Antartic whaling program, which allowed an annual catch of about 1,000 whales.  The court rejected Japan’s contention that the program was scientific, not commercial when in fact most of the whale meat ends up at the fish markets.Annually Japan harpoons about 980 minke and 20 finback species to bring the total to 1,000 per year.Japan is the only country not banning whale hunting and it’s now time for them to halt this slaughter of these gently creatures of which some are near extinction.GROUND FISH SEASON OPENERSunday, June 1 the season opens for recreational rock cod fishing off the coast of California.  The daily limit is 10 rock fish and two ling cod greater than 22 inches in length.UPCOMING EVENTS


May 3-4, 2014 – Participate in this even with the chance of taking home some awesome prizes along with a free dinner.  For more information contact Gary Coe at (916) 985-4943


May 10, 2014 – The NorCal  Trout Anglers Challenge Tournament will roll into Lake Del Valle.  If you love trout fishing, you’ll want to participate in this low cost event.  Entry is $15 for adults with pre-registration.  Boaters and bank anglers are welcome.  There will be cash prizes, gear raffles, lots of family fun and you could even end up fishing for a boat and motor during the Tournament of Champions.  For more information or to sign, call (916) 768-0938.


Saturday, May 10, 2014 – Walton’s Pond Fishing Tackle Swap Meet takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Admission is free, booths are $20.  The event is located at Arroyo High School, 15701 Lorenzo Ave., San Lorenzo. Information: (510) 352-3132.


May 17, 2014 – The Roostertails fishing club in Auburn will be hosting a fishing tackle swap meet.  Come on out and check out the gear or get a table yourself and get rid of all that great old tackle you no longer use.  The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 3185 Bell Road in Auburn.  Information, email  info


May 17, 2014 – Information: Vince Harris (916) 768-0938


May 17, 2014 – The Lake Pardee derby offers and awesome day of fishing, food, prizes and awards.  Entry fee includes a derby hat and BBQ. Information: (209) 810-9603.



The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will be stocking catchable-sized trout in the following waters, listed by county.  Unforeseen weather conditions cause some postponements in the program.

Amador – Amador Lake

Contra Costa – Lake Del Valle, Los Vaqueros Reservoir

Fresno – Kings River (below Pine Flat Dam), San Joaquin River (below Friant Dam)

San Joaquin – Camanche Lake



Delta – (striped bass, sturgeon, largemouth bass,)

Amador Lake – (trout)

Camanche Lake – (trout, largemouth bass)

San Pablo Bay -  (sturgeon, striped bass)

San Francisco Bay – (halibut, striped bass, leopard shark)

Monterey Bay – (salmon)

Bodega Bay – (salmon)

Outside the Gate – (sand dabs, Dungeness crab pot pulling)

Note:  Due to heavy seas during the salmon fishing opener April 5 very few ventured out.



“I was so surprised after my birth – it took a year and a half to say my first word.”

- Gracie Allen

Jay SorensenRiver News-Herald & Isleton Journal ColumnistFeatured Article

roland-aspirasDelta Bank Fishing

by Roland “Innovate” Aspiras

June 27, 2014 –Salmon fishing is now open in the metro Sacramento area, but angling pressure still remains light as it is normally this early in the season. A few clusters of bank anglers are working spinners along the shoreline from Downtown to Freeport, but the fishing is slow. At Discovery Park, a small fleet of boaters are anchored at the line trying their hand, with only a few fish caught each morning.

On the American River, anglers fishing in the basin are catching a few fish each evening working floss rigs. Many of the fish are still bright jacks ranging in the five pound range.
Other than salmon, things are quiet in the metro area. A few anglers are trying for stripers on the American River with topwater lures and livebait, and there are still a few shad being caught in the upper section of the American River.
Catfish and smallmouth bass are on tap for anglers fishing the Old Sacramento River. Try cutbaits for catfish. Senkos, spinnerbaits and crankbaits are working well for the smallmouth.
My recommendation this week is a toss up between stripers on the American River and Salmon on the Sacramento River. The salmon fishing is still slow, but if you hook one you can bet the fish will be full of fight and great to eat.
Have a fun time on the water and as always, if you fish the bank, make sure you pick up after yourself so the next person can enjoy the spot you just fished.

Roland “Innovate” Aspiras

Roland’s Fishing Blog


Guest Report byDale “Fishwisher” Gillespie
Report Coming Soon.
Dale “Fishwisher” Dale’s Fishing Blog Email

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