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Some members linked to us claim they get 80% of their traffic referred to them from this site.

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  1. The Delta Chambers purchases a booth at several local boat shows per year (e.g. NCMA, Pleasanton, Sacramento). Member brochures are placed in the booth and distributed to attendees of the show. Volunteers staff the booth and provide information about the Delta and Chamber members.
  2. Member brochures are currently being placed at the Discover the Delta Foundation and are available free to visitors.
  3. Delta Chamber Member events are published in the Bay & Delta Yachtsman each month.


  1. The Taste of the Delta event is held at locations around the Delta. Attendance is typically 500-600.
  2. The Delta Wine & Art Festival is held at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg. Attendance is typically 300-500.

Facebook Page

We have a great Facebook page with plenty of fun Delta information as well as information on legal and government matters affecting our members or the Delta.

Phone & E-Mail Answering

We answer the phone 7 days a week and whenever possible do not let it go to voice mail.  We answer emails on a timely basis.  Both are critical as we get many calls from media, like magazines and newspapers.

Delta Travel Guide

We produce our travel guide about every two years, we distribute about 20,000 per year through various channels.  All members are listed and you can purchase extra advertising.  This is the definitive handbook of the Delta.


With most local chambers and visitors bureaus and provide them with advice and information.


The boat shows are not what they once were but we have participated in the International Sportsman's Expo for the last several years and many local events, recently we had a booth at the Vessels and Vines show in Sacramento,  the Wine and Art Faire at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, and the Rio Vista Bass festival.  We have participated in the Stockton Asparagus Festival and are always looking for other opportunities.

Guest Speaker Program

Our Executive Director is a guest speaker at outside events at least once or twice a month speaking about water issues or fun in the Delta.  Travel guides and other literature is distributed at these events.

Member Support

Many of us have testified before legislative committees, local government bureaus, and other groups defending the Delta and our members.

Defending the Delta

We are active in the fight to stop the twin tunnels or other schemes to damage the Delta by the water cartels.  Generally this includes attending a several hour meeting once a month with water officials.  We sit on the public board of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and many of us write op ed and letters to the editors of area publications defending the Delta and promoting the fun here.


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