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There is a certain camaraderie amongst the clubs that populate this wonderful California Delta, a little bit of scratching each other’s back. There are a few dozen of them here. Some have been here 60 years or more and are well entrenched, with strong clubhouses and solid memberships. Others are still the “new kids on the block,” earning their stripes, so to speak. Most belong to the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Assn. (PICYA) and may extend reciprocal privileges to members of other clubs belonging to the association.

Many have clubhouses and most often have the welcome mat out for members of other clubs. Thus, yacht club or boat club membership most often extends your possibilities of places to cruise in to and have some fun. A few clubs have floating clubhouses, that make a visit something special. Others have clubhouses located on islands out in the Delta and the only practical way to get to them is via boat. This, we think, enriches the cruising experience.

Some clubs have no clubhouse and consider themselves to be strong cruising clubs. Yet these clubs generally are welcome to have cruise-ins to those clubs that do have clubhouses. The cruising clubs’ members generally make sure they patronize the facilities of the clubs they cruise in to, being sure to keep the cash registers ringing at the club bar and restaurant. You might say that in this manner they help pay the clubhouse rent.

Clubs promote safe boating, both in their newsletters and by sponsoring boating safety events at their facilities. Other club-sponsored events may include the public, such as opening day boat parades, lighted boat Christmas parades, nautical flea markets, and fundraisers for worthwhile charities.

Joining a yacht club generally is not difficult. If your idea of yacht club membership in the Delta area is like what it can be at some exclusive country clubs (expensive, exclusive and high-society oriented) you are in for a surprise. Here in the laid-back Delta, the idea is to have fun while being a responsible boater. At most clubs, the folks with a 28-foot pontoon houseboat are as welcome as the folks in the latest 60-foot Bertram.

Membership in most clubs can be quite affordable. Membership requirements may vary from club to club. You may need to be recommended by an existing member (usually not difficult to arrange) and generally there is a probationary period. Most clubs charge an initiation fee and also charge dues, most often on a annual basis. Some clubs have Websites you can visit to learn details on membership, and you may be able to arrange attending a club function as a guest via e-mail.

We suggest you poke around a bit and find a club that has the facilities and the sort of lifestyle you appreciate, then inquire about membership and perhaps attend a club function as a guest. You will be glad you did.

– These are clubs whose members all must own a certain brand of boat. A Sea Ray, Bayliner, Uniflite, etc., you get the idea. If a member sells his or her boat and goes to another brand, the member generally also must give up membership. Some marque clubs are a little soft on the last aspect, and might let a long-standing member retain his or her membership when changing boat makes. Some are not soft on this requirement.

– Some clubs accept as members persons who do not own a boat. They are in the club for its social aspects. Members sometime might sell a boat and be boatless and may retain their membership. Sometimes the spouse of a member dies and owning a boat is no longer practical, but a strong friendship has developed over the years with the other club members. Some older members go from boating to RVing and take their “land yacht” on cruises via the asphalt sloughs.

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