Steamboat Acres

15989 Sutter Island Rd. Courtland, CA 95615

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Delta Grown Organic Pears

The California Delta land is perfect for farming. In 1848, the Peck family settled one of the first farms in the Delta. Today, Tim and Laura Neuharth, along with their son Michael and his wife Tara are the 5th and 6th generations farming the same land.

Steamboat Acres farm consists of 300 acres nestled along the rich banks of the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough near Courtland, CA, the Bartlett Pear Capital of the World. The farm grows three varieties of pears; Bartlett, Golden Bosc, and Stark Crimson; plus cherries, chardonnay wine grapes, alfalfa, and small grains. Some of the pear trees are more than 100 years old. Our Pears and Cherries are Certified Organic.

The farm is also fast moving into Agri-tourism as a way to open the farm to the public and tell the story of family farm agriculture while helping sustain it.

Steamboat AcresPears ripen after they have been harvested and have to be picked by hand when mature yet green. The river Delta soil is mineral rich and the hot days and cool nights are perfect for pear trees. You are sure to find Steamboat Acres selling their Organic Pears at the Courtland Pear Fair.

About Us

Tim, Laura, Michael and Tara Neuharth are all part of a continuing family farm tradition. Father and son working together in the tradition of so many generations before us. We are all passionate about the fruit we grow. We love to talk to people about the importance of eating locally and supporting local farmers.

We believe agriculture and the preservation of the “art” of farming must be protected for the sustainability of all persons.

Tim comes from generations of farmers which makes being a farmer in the 21st century easier than not having an agricultural background. He is now passing that know how onto the next generation. He is also a pilot who loves his family, loves flying and enjoying our beautiful Sacramento River Delta.

Laura comes from an Italian family from Mill Valley who instilled the love of good food in her very early. She is an avid gardener who loves the wonderful Delta soils ability to grow beautiful things.

Michael has been learning about farming from his dad, Tim, all of his life. He is proud to be the next generation of family farmers. Fixing things is his favorite thing to do. He works the land that he grew up on. He also loves flying airplanes and he will be getting his pilot’s license soon.

Tara comes from a family that always taught her the importance of nature and food.. When Tara moved onto the farm, she went back to school to pursue her love of horticulture. Today she loves working in the farm business office, learning the business side, and with the the annual pear harvest crew. She works pear harvest every year and works in the farm office learning the business.

We are eager to share our farm experience with you. We have great projects planned for the future. The first one will be our first draft horse and vintage tractor show/pumpkin patch was on Octover 25-26, 2014, on the farm. This was our entry into the agri-tourism business to educate more people about the value of family farms in the California Delta.

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