Law Office of William Tyson

PO Box 2377, Elk Grove, CA 95759



9:00-5:00 telephone, meetings by appointment only.


I'm an engaging entrepreneur who also happens to be a lawyer. Some of my passions are personal health, family, community service and relationship marketing, a business model where personal success and fulfillment are achieved by helping others attain their dreams and desires.

I am currently helping to launch YEVO INTERNATIONAL, a new food manufacturing and distribution company that features nutritionally dense food that contains all of the 43 essential nutrients identified by the World Health Organization as necessary for people to receive on a daily basis. YEVO food tastes great, is actually healthy to consume and minimizes the salt, sugar, fat, preservatives and chemicals present in most name brand food products available to consumers. YEVO promotes one of my passions, personal health, while at the same time promoting another of my passions, relationship marketing.

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