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About Us

Delta Scrap and Salvage has been a leader in the field of Recycling, Investment Recovery and Demolition since 1975. We’ve been helping companies meet the complex challenges of investment recovery for over 40 years. As a mid-sized privately-owned company, we are flexible enough to consistently go “beyond the call of duty” for our customers.

We specialize in the abatement/demolition of Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Public Agency Properties.

We’ve been able to provide investment recovery services and demolition for dozens of refineries, petrochemical companies and municipalities, with quickness, agility and efficiency.

Rebuilding and expanding public and industrial facilities in California are pressing challenges of the 21st Century and beyond. Our clients take it very seriously and so does every member of our team. Please call us for a free on-site consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Investment Recovery

We can help you to get the maximum recovery from your material whether it is scrap-generated or usuable equipment. We provide pick-up service including scrap boxes, flatbed pick-up or heavy equipment removal.

Also, for those with concerns over trade secrets or liability, we offer custom destruction of proprietary tooling and D.O.T. containers.

Licensed Demolition Contractors

This division deals with those “tough to handle” jobs that most companies typically don’t have the staff or expertise to do in-house. We own an extensive array of equipment and our experienced staff is able to handle all types of industrial demolition, building demolition (internal and external), and specialty demolition.

One of our demolition specialties is Mobile Home Demolition. In many cases the mobile home should be demolished rather than try and move it. which can be expensive and dangerous. This is especially true if the mobile home is over 20 years old and more prone to fall apart during transport.

We recycle as much as we can during the demolition process in order to keep recyclables out of the waste stream and also reduce the amount of materials that will get buried in a landfill.

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