Consumnes River Farm

28305 N Thornton Rd. Thornton, CA 95686

(209) 334-5544


Thurs-Sun 11:30-5:00

Bellindora & Delta Barrel products are produced on our family ranch located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin wine country. Bellindora fruit infused vinegar’s are blended with our companies California Balsamic and the Highest Quality Fruit from local farms of California, Oregon and Washington. The rich, slightly sweet flavor readily lends itself to vinaigrette dressings, gourmet sauces, marinades, and brings out the sweetness of fresh fruits. The wonderful climate and rich land has given us access to the finest wine and agricultural products available.

Our Process: Making wine vinegar requires two fermentations. The first fermentation uses yeast to create alcohol, the second uses a vinegar “mother” to convert the alcohol to acid. To convert our wine into vinegar we add wine to a continuous batch of vinegar that contains a vinegar “mother”. Filling the barrels two thirds full we ensure that the bacteria in the mother can breathe oxygen and convert the wine into vinegar. Once the new wine is introduced to the previous batch we let it sit, for a year or more providing oxygen through a hole in the top of the barrel, always continuing to get better with age like a good wine.

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