Kayak Sherman Lake

August 12, 2017

12:00 am to 11:00 am

$59 per person include kayak, paddle, PFD and guide

5 Marina Plaza, Antioch


Let's paddle and explore Sherman Lake, also known as Sherman Island Wildlife Area. According to the the California Department of Fish and game this area "contains several aquatic habitats, including sloughs and cuts, shallow channel and shoal areas, the main river channels, and open-water aquatic habitats." We may see otters playing near the tule or coots, heron and other waterfowl out and about.

Many creatures call Sherman Lake home. Some of the fish that can be found here include threespine stickleback, tule perch, Sacramento pikeminnow, gobies, inland silversides, starry flounder, Sacramento splittail, delta smelt, carp, white catfish, and largemouth bass.

Other wildlife inhabiting Sherman Lake may also include raccoon, black tailed jack rabbit, opossum and gray foxes. The marsh vegetation supports muskrat, beaver, otter and mink.

Sherman Lake is well known for kite-boarders and wind surfers who use this spot as a playground during the summer.  The sloughs and channels make it interesting as you never know what you may discover around the corner.

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