Chris Lauritzen Fish Report - October 31, 2016

As striper fishing goes last weekend was a banner weekend not because fishing was that great but the weather was warm and breathe taking. It helps that there were some fish caught as well.

If I had guess I would say the opening of duck season at least in Sherman Lake and Big Break was done about fifteen minutes after sun rise.

Yes there were a few shots after sun rise but by 8:30 am there was a certain sound of silence on the water as no ducks were flying in the air the weather was just too nice to get ducks moving so that the duck hunters could have a little action.

Striper fishing is another issue all into it self. Striper fishing pardon the pun is off the hook as it were.

Walt Compomizzo and buddy Bill Goin went out fishing the other night and caught and released 150 stripers their, count not mine. They could be a few fish off but I would say they caught a lot of fish.

According to Walt not all of the stripers were keepers but a lot of them were in the 6 – 8 – lb range. Walt like fishing at night, not for everyone and he and Bill were fishing with hair raisers in 2 – 5 – ft of water.

Walt said he could see the stripers charging after fresh shad in the water the water was just that clear.

Walt and Bill are not the only ones having fun out fishing. George Wight has been doing pretty good with the stripers as well.

If George and his buddy are using his buddies boat they are fishing in Suisun Bay if they are using George’s boat which is a little slower they are fishing Broad Slough to False River.

When I spoke with George today (Thursday) George had been doing some plugging along the rock on the slope of the Jersey Island levee system and had been doing surprisingly well.

If you are going to go plugging around Jersey Island you need to try that area from Blind Point to the mouth of Dutch Slough that can be very productive. There is a spot in Dutch Slough where Big Break empties into Big Break where there is a hole near where that old wooden barge is in Dutch Slough on the chart is show depths of 12 – 14 – ft and it looks like an inverted U on the chart.

For what ever reason that spot holds stripers this time of year.

For the time of year it is I am not seeing as many folks using our new and improved fish cleaning station as there might be but I can tell you that from the looks of things in the garbage can there are some pretty decent fish being caught.

Our staff is seeing an occasional salmon carcass in the garbage can as well.

The weather forecasters have painted a pretty interesting weather picture the past couple of days. So far here at the harbor we have had very little rain and very little wind. I would rather take the rain to the wind any day.

The run off has not been so terrible that you will not have at least another great weekend of fishing this weekend rain or shine as long as the wind stays down.

This weekend Lauritzen Yacht Harbor is the venue for Angler’s Press to present The Fisherman’s Challenge on the Delta.

This is a one day catch and keep striper derby this Saturday October 29th from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm. Weigh in for the target size striper is 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm I believe.

Go to their web site at for all of the information you will need or contact Vince Harris the tournament director at 916-768-0938.

Vince will be on site with his trailer starting at 2:00 pm this Friday pre selling derby tickets. Vince will also be up and open selling derby tickets starting at 4:00 am the day of the derby.

His office trailer will be over near our lawn area in the center of our harbor area good luck to all.

One more week and then it is the opening of the 2016 -17 sport Dungeness Crab season. Some early reports are that those folks that have been catching crab for the Domoic Acid sampling are saying the crab pots come back stuffed with crab lets hope so to make up for a dismal salmon season.

Be safe on the water I will see you on the water next weekend at Bodega Bay

Delta Chris


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