Chris Lauritzen Fish Report - August 1, 2016

I want to apologize to everyone for not putting out a report the past three weeks or so. Without ginger breading it fishing in the west delta is just slow from the amount of traffic we have had using the harbor launching ramp.

I think this weekend was the first weekend in weeks that there has been using our cleaning station for any fish that anglers have caught in the delta at this point that is how slow things have been

Guys like Bill Goin of Oakley and Paul Wong of Antioch have been out but for the most part the fish they are catching are under size. That will change probably about mid August when a new run of stripers should start to show up in Broad Slough and Sherman Lake.

The surprise to me has been a report by one of our anglers who was fishing the back side of Big Break last week. He was fishing for black bass but was catch shad the same shad that folks catch up on the American and Feather River this time of year.

If you want to try your luck at striper fishing even though the bite is not the best right now there are plenty of blue gill around for live bait.

The big fishing news this week is there is finally a salmon bite at Bodega Bay, long over due. In fairness to the salmon the ocean had been difficult to fish in at best with winds blowing 15 – 30 mph the past few weeks has been the norm with a wave set at 8 –seconds or less.

I went out fishing this past weekend with the boys on my boat. A day that would have been better spent if I had just sat on the beach it was that rough.

I headed from Bodega Bay out to Tomales Point where some of the small fleet of skiffs was fishing in 180 – 200 – ft of water. To be honest it did not look all that fishy to me and there were no nets out so I went looking for my own fish.

I ended up trying a spot below bird rock and before the key holes because that area was showing promise with the bait I was seeing on the sounder.

Mean while Walt Compomizzo and Curt Renshaw were out on Curt’s boat to the outside of me fishing in 180 – 200 – ft of water off the elephant in the fog. After a radio call from Curt advising me to head out to deep water I did where my caught three salmon and Curt went home with two limits for he and Walt.

On Sunday the seas were truly like a washing machine the wind was not too bad compared to the weather man’s prediction but the seas were tall and quick so it was a tough day of fishing and we were fishing in the fog part of the day. Fishing in the fog makes me feel very manly. It’s nice to keep your seaman skills up from time to time and navigating in the fog is one way to do that.

Monday was a new day and new wind and sea conditions. The seas were much improved less fog and less wind as well.

To make a short story short there were folks who were catching limits of salmon on Monday my crew and I were not in that group. We caught two salmon and pulled a 28 – ft sailboat off Doran that was the catch of the day.

Half of the salmon I cleaned for the two days of fishing had either empty bellies the other half of the salmon had crill in them. There were no long lines at the West Side Launching Ramp as salmon fishing is not that good so far should you try your luck at salmon fishing the next few weeks.

As far as inland salmon fishing goes wait for the first report that folks are catching salmon off the public pier in Benicia that is when you should start fishing Broad Slough, Montezuma Slough and Sherman Lake for salmon.

This week the weather has really warmed up the weather has that warm dry August feel to it. As I headed up to Lake Tahoe on Tuesday delta waters are mirror glass for as for as the eye could see as I was crossing over the Antioch Bridge.

Speaking of bridges the Three Mile Bridge is starting to look pretty good. All of the plastic that we have been looking at for over a year is now down. The painting crews are cleaning things up. We may have the bridge back to normal traffic flows soon.

The warm days that we are having in the delta this week will help to ripen some of those black berries that have been slow to ripen up to now.

By the end of August or so farmers in the Oakley/Brentwood area will be picking their grapes for the fall harvest which comes earlier then Sonoma and Napa Counties.

Enjoy the next four months in the delta August, September; October and November are some of the best months of the year that the delta has to offer.

George Wight of Antioch stopped me at the harbor office today (Friday) to tell me that he and a fishing buddy had caught three stripers this week right out in front of the harbor on the sand bar. The biggest weighted 18 – lbs. George was fishing with live blue gill.

George went on to say that the San Joaquin River is starting to look pretty good as far as the clarity of the water is concerned.

George thanks for the report.

See you on the water Delta Chris


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