CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS! The Delta Waterway Cleanup is Saturday, Sept. 17 - September 1, 2016

Trash ends up in our beautiful Delta waterways, where it pollutes our water, endangers wildlife and leaches harmful chemicals.

Help us GET IT OUT.

  • Yolo County West Sacramento - Meet at the corner of Riverfront and Mill Street in the Bridge District at 9:00 AM. Register here.
  • Contra Costa County Discovery Bay near Kellogg Creek. Contact Friends of Marsh Creek to register for this event.
  • San Joaquin County Buckley Cove Park and Marina in Stockton - Register here for this cleanup location.
  • Solano County Rio Vista - Sandy Beach Park. WATER-BASED CLEANUP - kayaks and canoes
    welcome. A limited number of kayaks will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Meet at the boat launch at 9:00 AM. Register here.
  • Sacramento County The Delta Loop - Meet at Korth's Pirates' 3Lair Resort at 9:00 AM. Register for this event here.

9:00 AM to NOON

Perfect Family Activity! Feel Good about Helping the Delta!

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