October 2017 update! - October 5, 2017

From Chris Lauritzen of Lauritzen Yacht Harbor:

We are in a typical fall fishing pattern one week fishing is on fire like the 4th of July the next week not so much.

It does not matter what fishing is like (well it does sort of) when the river is mirror glass and there is not a breath of wind you need to take a chance that fishing will be good as is the case today Wednesday October 4th 2017.

Most of the TV weather forecasters are predicting warmer days by this coming weekend which translates into more flat calm mirror glass days by this weekend

Our business at the launching ramp was brisk last weekend so was the fish cleaning business at the fish cleaning station located near the lawn area at our harbor.

I want to thank all of you who cleaned your stripers and salmon at our fish cleaning station last weekend because all of those fish carcases will end up being hanging bait for my crab traps at Bodega Bay in exactly one month from today (the proposed opening of the sport crab season will be Saturday, November 4th at 0001 hrs) unless the regulations change?

Perhaps the most exciting news is there was a pretty hot bite for salmon out in front of the Antioch Marina this past weekend.

One boat that launched from here headed down to the Antioch Marina and was back by 1100 am in the morning with four stripers and four salmon.

As the story goes there were about four boats fishing along the rock wall at the Antioch Marina between the harbor opening and the dock. The salmon bite heated up and then there ended up being about fifty boats fishing that same area for salmon.

This past week I observed shad boiling in the harbor up in the corner of the harbor just past the gas dock. That is always a good sign of life. Perhaps some fresh run stripers were pushing the shad into the corner for dinner!

There was a sea lion chasing salmon in the harbor earlier this week. That is the only reason the fur bags show up in the harbor is to chase the salmon. Sometimes we even get a tired sea lion that will rest for a few hours on one of our open berths. He did not get the memo that this is not pier 39.

I saw at least one sturgeon being cleaned at the cleaning station last week. It measured 56 – inches long and weight 56 – lb. It was a very nice looking fish.

Bob Mello of Antioch and Raul Ugarte of Oakley have been striper fishing the past two days. They had better fishing on Tuesday catching four stripers but they enjoyed the flat calm river better today (Wednesday).



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