4 Easy Ways to Celebrate Coastal Clean-Up Day - September 13, 2016

This Saturday, September 17th, California Coastal Cleanup Day will take place along more than 2,000 miles of coastal and inland shoreline. We need people who love the California Delta to represent at the state’s largest annual volunteer event! Whether at the dock or on the water, everyone can make a difference!

Here are 3 ways you can make a difference for the Delta.

  1. Spread the Word
    It’s as easy as clicking the ‘Share’ button. Even a ‘Like’... Why not a ‘Love’ while you’re at it? I’m pretty certain this is exactly the type of post Mark Zuckerberg invented the ‘Love’ button for.
  2. Organize or Attend a Clean Up
    Consider hosting a cleanup activity. Register here and Ocean Conservancy will send you a FREE Cleanup Toolkit for your event, including trash bags and disposable gloves. Your Toolkit will also contain Volunteer Ocean Trash Data Cards to track the collected trash. Fill out this simple form and send it back to Ocean Conservancy where your data will be added to their global ocean trash database. These numbers are vitally important in informing the best solutions to tackle waterways trash. Don’t want to carry the data card? Download our mobile data collection app Clean Swell and submit your ocean trash data with the click of a button! Available for download in the App Store or get it on Google Play.
  3. Find a Clean Up to Attend
    Okay, so you’re a bit busy to host a clean up... Completely understandable. Let someone else do the work! You can find an event to attend on the map at the bottom of the Ocean Conservancy page.
  4. Go Rogue
    Know of a location in your community that could use some cleanup attention? Gather family and friends to clean that spot for a few hours.

Whatever you do, we appreciate your participation. Let’s keep our Delta clean!
For more information on California Coastal Clean-Up Day, visit www.coastalcleanupday.org.


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