10/20/2017 The Latest Report from Chris Lauritzen of Lauritzen Yacht Harbor - October 20, 2017

It’s starting to look pretty fishy around the west Delta over the past two weeks.

Having warm days cooler nights and mirror glass flat water when the wind is not blowing during the day to fish is just about as good as it gets.

I would say the best news is that folks are catching stripers, sturgeon and salmon it just depends on what you are targeting. All three of those types of fish have made it to our fish cleaning station the past two weeks. Great I need the hanging bait for crabbing in three weeks.

Perhaps the biggest news is that there are a lot of salmon being caught (and released) if you are above the Antioch Bridge on the San Joaquin River. This past week we have had sea lions (fur bags) visiting the inside of our harbor on a regular basis chasing and catching salmon in the harbor.

This past Thursday October 19th I watched as a sea lion caught a salmon brought it to the surface of the river and proceeded to try and stun it or break its back so that the salmon would not get away as the sea lion was eating it.

About six sea gulls watched that action from above hoping to get bits and pieces of the salmon to eat themselves.

The sea lion was not in a sharing mood from what I could see.

Pat Jones was out fishing in Sherman Lake last weekend fishing with a client fishing for both salmon and stripers. Pat caught a very feisty 21 – inch salmon on top water.

There still seems to be a pretty decent salmon bite off the rocks at the Antioch Marina but that information is several days old.

I think what I am most surprised about this fall fishing season is how many sturgeon are being caught so early in the season. Usually the water is a little cooler then now and usually the water is pretty muddy but none of those issues seem to matter.

Two weeks ago I had one fisherman that was out fishing with his six year old son. They caught three undersize sturgeons before they caught a legal sturgeon. The one legal size fish they did bring in was in the 50 – lb range. All of the fish were caught in the same location which was Mello’s Cove near buoy 10 on the Sacramento River just outside of Sherman Lake.

Steve Nickolas is a six pack charter boat captain who is keeping his Parker at our harbor for charters. Steve was in that same general area as the man and his son who caught those sturgeon.

Steve says he has been marking a lot of sturgeon these days on his fish finder. There seems to be some sturgeon at buoy 10 on the Sacramento River and buoy 34 in Suisun Bay.

George Wight is retired so he has lots of time on his hands and he is a great fisherman. This past week George has been working the wall outside the harbor between us and Big Break. George has been catching stripers up to 12 – lbs.

Today (Wednesday) is a very pretty day. It is still over cast and muggy from the fires but the water is still mirror glass. There was some low lying tule fog hunkered down across Sherman Island as the morn sun appeared, it’s that time of year to expect some tule fog.

This weekend is the start of duck season for the state. There will be plenty of guys with excited hunting dogs out this weekend. If you see a floating duck blind and a spread of decoys please give them a wide berth in the end you are doing both of you a great favor.

We had a boater launch at the harbor yesterday (Tuesday) that already had his crab pot puller installed on the side of his boat. Its seventeen days until the start of crab season opener which starts 0001 hrs on Saturday November 4th.

I use squid or herring in my bait jars as will as a striper or salmon carcass for hanging bait. I’ve never had a problem Dungeness catching crab.

Probably the most important thing about being successful at Dungeness crab catching is not to put your crab pots where there are rocks unless you are rock crab fishing (catching). Study a chart before you go out and have a plan of attack.

Remember at midnight there will be plenty of folks at Bodega Bay launching near midnight. Many of them never navigate at night or in the fog as was the case last year. Expect to see over 100 or so kayaks out in the middle of the night as well.

See you on the water.

Delta Chris


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